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Robert D. Tips, Rey Feo LVII, President, Mission Park Funeral Chapels and and Cemeteries

Robert D. Tips has been a leader in the cemetery and funeral business for the last three decades, helping to preserve the family owned spirit of this important area of San Antonio’s life and culture.

Mr. Tips began his career working in the Mission Park Cemetery as a preteen, mowing the grass, and setting headstones. Growing up in the San Antonio-based business his father and uncle owned, he saw first hand how important it is for families to make their funeral plans in advance. So, in his twenties, Mr. Tips pioneered a new pre-need division for Mission Park, which has become a model for family-owned funeral businesses across the country.

The tremendous success of Mission Park’s advance funeral planning division led Mr. Tips to purchase the entire company from his father and uncle in 1984 and assume his current role of Chairman and CEO of MPII, Inc., which owns and operates Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries.

Over the past twenty years, Mr.Tips has dramatically expanded the operations of Mission Park while keeping the tradition of family service at the heart of all that the company does. Under his leadership,the business has added eleven more family run funeral homes and cemeteries throughout Texas,a casket manufacturing company that delivers high quality caskets at affordable prices, a monument design and manufacturing group, an architectural and construction division serving independent funeral operators throughout North America, two insurance companies and a trust company to protect the investments of Mission Park’s pre-need customers, and an in-house advertising agency to market Mission Park’s growing network of services.